Long-Term Estate Sitter – One Month Minimum


Detail-oriented and self-motivated professional with comprehensive experience in the Service Industry. Providing service excellence while exceeding ownership expectations in a creative, timely, and efficient manner. Demonstrated ability to wear multiple hats and juggle tasks while remaining flexible and adaptable as priorities shift and evolve. Available on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Ziprecruiter.

I thoroughly enjoy long-term estate sitting because I am able to visit many countries, meet new people, see incredible sights, and hang out with awesome animals! (Unfortunately, however, I am allergic to cats.) By staying somewhere longer than usual, I am able to have a deeper experience.  I enjoy nothing more than spending a month with a great dog in a beautiful home surrounded by nature.

As a long-term estate sitter, I have the opportunity to live less like a tourist and enjoy an area like a local. I get to become part of the community, which means I’ll be able to make new friends, get off the beaten path, and explore (or not) at my own pace.

Long-term estate sitting offers me the chance to fulfill my own personal objectives while helping others and allows me to be a digital nomad and the ability to work from anywhere.

I am registered with the following estate sitter websites.

Here’s a list of the primary duties that I expect to perform as an estate sitter.

  • Light house cleaning, including mopping, vacuuming, and dusting.
  • Plant watering, indoors and outdoors.
  • Securing the property at the end of the day may involve closing curtains or blinds, locking doors, and securing alarm systems.
  • Maintaining a visible presence so the property is clearly occupied and more secure (such as by turning lights on and off accordingly).
  • Pool maintenance, such as skimming leaves, emptying the filter, and perhaps assessing and adjusting chemical levels in the water.
  • Looking after pets, including taking them for walks, providing food and water, cleaning up any messes, and contacting the vet, if necessary.
  • Reaching the relevant people if there is an emergency or a maintenance issue you cannot solve, such as a problem with plumbing or air conditioning.

I understand that long-term estate sitting involves a lot of responsibility. I am confident that I am able to take care of any and all responsibilities and follow the owner’s instructions.

Estate Caretaker | March 2020 – Current
Oakland Hills, CA 94611
austian, LLC | Tel: Available Upon Request

  • Managing the day-to-day functions of the estate coordinating all schedules and calendars.
  • Functioning as owner’s Personal Assistant: arranging appointments for the owner’s personal and professional needs including managing the owner’s business affairs.
  • Scheduling and managing regular maintenance to include cleaning, grounds, and ongoing interior and exterior maintenance such as painting, wood floor refinishing, deep cleaning, and various seasonal duties.
  • Scheduling and managing multiple renovation projects totaling $500,000. Worked with designers, and contractors from concept inception through construction and completion. Projects included kitchen and bathroom remodeling, painting, and flooring.
  • Responsible for managing the finances of the estate. Demonstrated the ability to understand financial goals, while managing the property in the owner’s best interest.
  • Responsible for budgets, accounts, and financial transactions.
  • Responsible for household procurement of food and supplies.
  • Responsible for coordinating domestic and international travel arrangements.

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